Meet up. Do more.

HeyGreenGO connects you to people nearby who share your interests and want to meet up.

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See who's near and arrange to meet

HeyGreenGO shows you who’s nearby and makes it easy to contact them, whether friends you already know or someone new. Meeting people is as quick as waving to a friend across the street.

Easily connect with like-minded people

Easily connect with like-minded people

Add and edit any interests on your profile, and filter profiles by interest in order to quickly identify relevant people around you to meet up with. Or, encourage people to connect and meet up with you by posting a status.

Profiles you can trust

HeyGreenGO uses verification to make sure people are who they say they are. And it’s entirely up to you who you share information with.

Easily connect with like-minded people

Give emojis to people you’ve met

Once you’ve met up with someone, you can give them an emoji – the exchange of emojis is a vote of confidence for other people to see.

Here’s how it works

  • HeyGreenGO is free to download
  • HeyGreenGO uses a verification process during registration to ensure only genuine users are involved
  • HeyGreenGO can be shared via settings when you create your account
  • Define your profile from a wide variety of interests or add new interests, and edit these when you want
  • See other HeyGreenGO users within 10 miles
  • Easily manage the visibility of your profile through privacy settings
  • Filter profiles by interest, or post a status
  • Start a conversation with anyone visible in your vicinity, and easily arrange to meet up
  • Give and receive emojis as recognition of people you meet
  • It’s as simple as that

So, the next time you want to meet up with your friends, or you simply want a change, new inspiration, to get involved in a new activity, visit a new place, we say make things happen. ‘Meet up. Do More.’