About us

Why HeyGreenGO?

We believe that current social media platforms are compromising our relationships. It’s time for a new kind of social media.

Social media is replacing social relationships

The problem is this: social media is no longer enhancing our social relationships, it’s replacing them – with something less valuable. We’ve reached a situation where connecting digitally is affecting the ways we connect in reality. There’s an emerging disconnect:

Connecting digitally vs connecting in reality.

Interacting with people online isn’t comparable with interacting in person. How many social media relationships have any real value?

Ultimately social media tends to be alienating. It makes you more isolated, not less. It turns relationships into commodities where numbers are more important than experiences – numbers of ‘friends’, numbers of ‘likes’, numbers of ‘retweets’.

In reality most ‘friends’ aren’t actually friends.

Sharing information is replacing sharing experiences

What we do online is share information, and those hours we spend sharing information are having an impact on the time we spend sharing experiences. That leads to another emerging disconnect:

Shared information vs shared experience

Remember, there are no such thing as strangers, only friends you’ve never met.

Social media discourages people from discovering experiences they value, and encourages people to value what everyone else ‘likes’. Put another way, it’s curated vs real. And the time spent on managing your online persona and maximising your online impact is becoming a serious burden.

All this adds up to a double whammy of depersonalisation: we’re alienated from other people and from ourselves.

But people want change

People are becoming increasingly disillusioned with this situation. We want relationships with greater value, and we want the authentic experiences that are made possible by real relationships.

We all want greater fulfilment than social media offers. But this isn’t necessarily easy to achieve.

HeyGreenGO is designed to help

We’ve reflected long and hard on this, and we have developed HeyGreenGO to tackle these twin disconnects – digital vs reality and information vs experience.

We’re using digital to enhance reality, and we’re using online information to build real experiences.

HeyGreenGO digitally enables people to connect in person and to share experiences. It has the potential to transform the current trends in social mobile engagement. We’ve deployed it from the UK but it has a global architecture. It uses cutting edge technological solutions to facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas and values.

Yesterday, we shared information about ourselves using social media. Today, we expect more. Today, we’re using social media to make shared experiences possible.

Say hello to HeyGreenGO.